Run like hell

“It’s a slow decline into nothingness.”

That’s what I heard, anyway. Those words that vibrate beneith the thin disguise of hope and dream and make believe. Where sometimes some thing is said, but it means another thing that’s totally different or a thing that’s the same but more or it could mean exactly what it is and less.

The fragile state of Make Believe.

A friend who I want to love said: “The city has its talons, gripping tighter, bleeding us out. Dont play dead, break the hold. Run like hell”

And “don’t stop”

No one said “don’t take my advice”. So that’s what I’ll do. Not listen. Make shitty choices. Crash.

The city is gripping me by the throat. Half it’s bite on my scruff saying “you’re safe here, I’ll carry you home to total destroy.”

I’m thinking, what the fuck is home anyway? How do all you people do this shit every day of your lives? Because I don’t belong here, I never will. I can’t make myself fit.

We are wild animals in a farel world.
Sometimes being wild isn’t beautiful, but we are all capable of so much more.
We can be different for each other than what our fear pushes us towards and learn from the life we fight through.

One thing I’ve been thinking lately, over and over, is “You don’t need to burn every bridge you cross”
Thinking this for my self, but also for you.

We build these bridges together and cross them.
We get to make our own stories in this sick world of make-real.

I have nothing but time until I die to try and become a better person. To truly learn to love and care for the people I choose to have in my life in whatever capacity and way they fit.
I want to make the space to do that.
I’m trying.


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