Cheeto-dusted Cat-pelt-hair Fucker Man

Now that the race of the Lizard People is over and the fate of the next four gregorian years is sealed by a false promise titled “Democracy”, some of my friends are talking of buying guns. I’ve had a few joke emails and messages about coming North to visit Canada. I laid whiteness to a friend cry earlier today.

Why are you all so scared now? Why weren’t you scared yesterday? Last week? Last month or year? Didn’t you see this all being built around you, every day of your life?
Cheeto dusted cat-pelt-hair fucker man isn’t the fall of the American empire. The Empire has been felling its own piers for decades. We’re all walking on that teetering and swinging great board walk of shit capitalism. We’re also the ones swinging the axes.
As much the pawns as we are the masters.

We’re all at fault and we’re all to blame.
Sitting around our computers, swimming in comfort and fear and ignorance. Thinking to ourselves “why don’t they do something?” and “someone should do something!”.

We are them. (white, able bodied, middle class)
We’re the ones not doing anything about it.
We’re the ones who should.
Our stupidity, our mixed privileges, our complacency and our fear.

Privilege has a way of making people comfortable.
Comfort has a way of making people lazy.

A lot of my friends feel really uncomfortable right now.
Maybe shit will change?



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