Destructor Destructor

Life is filled with compromise. The cheaper the compromise, the more freedom within the spectrum of capitalism.
I choose to live subversively because it circumvents some of the irrational responsibilities our society tries to teach us are inherent. I’m still scared, I’m still unlearning. I’ll never stop growing.
Time is subjective and, within that subjectivity, it is unlimited. Waiting and learning patience for things I desire tells me that my insides are fighting to believe and understand the subjectivity.
It’s a process. It’s a challange. It’s life daring me to grow.

Things are changing because they are always changing. Momentum is a given in the unruled world of physics and chaos. Sometimes it’s easier to feel that shift inside of myself.

I arc myself to that challange. I accept the dare. I embrace the chaos gingerly and with a respect and fear, so timid.

I sometimes forget I’m in the throes of a world so wrapped in disorder that there is no up to swim for.
I feel the glow of trouble and curiosity. That spark that was seen so very many years ago is a raging inferno inside of me.

Tear this fucking city down.
I wanna feel the ocean breathing.
I wanna feel the salt water flowing through my veins.

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