Are These Oranges People?

I feel like I spent most of today walking around confused. I couldn’t even nap properly. I kept forgetting to eat one of the oranges from the mesh sack I bought. There’s three of them in my bed because I’d grab one, laugh at how it has a name written on it in sharpie, get distracted by random thoughts about the last two days and forget I grabbed an orange.


Katey Cinthia Williams

Johnathan Taylor Thomas (JTT, you fucking teen heat throb.)

all y’all, GTFO of my bed.

Sometimes people come into your life, and I guess you have to process even the good stuff… because I’m useless today. I never thought conversation could challenge me so much in so many ways and leave me feeling so tired about my experiences in such a short period of time.

I never really thought I’d have a sack of oranges who all had names. Names are the title of an identity. Does that make these oranges people? and if so, does it make me a bad person to have a strong want and desire to peel their skin off and eat them alive? Also, is there such thing as eating too many oranges in a day?

I used to really dislike oranges.



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