“To pretend that ending a relationship with an abusive partner is a matter of packing up and leaving is an act of willful ignorance…”

-Carmen Rios (from the article “Stop Asking Already: 6 Reasons Why Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Stay In Their Relationships)


I’ve been reading a lot. There was some stuff today that got me thinking about some things someone I thought I cared for said to me a while ago about me having been in an abusive relationship and how I was basically to blame for what had happened to me because I didn’t just leave. I didn’t call the cops. I didn’t “do anything” to stop it. How hurtful they were about their judgments and how they just didn’t really know that they were being hurtful because they couldn’t relate (that’s me being too nice)…Because they couldn’t unlearn their problematic opinions and step back from their privilege and challenge themselves (that’s more like it)… then I kinda got really sad, then angry, then went on a reading tangent and ended up all over the place.

So, reading, It’s a thing I do. Sometimes I do it just out of my thirst to understanding the world (or myself) better. Sometimes I read as a form of self care. Sometimes I read because it’s grounding and brings me back to a place of healthy thinking. It centres me inside myself and helps remind me of my truths. I guess reading is a form of meditation?

Heres some articles, I’ll just leave them right here. Makes it easy to be more smarter. Reading! (Also, now I can find these later when I want to reference them!)

-An article about why people stay in abusive relationships  http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/01/why-ipv-survivors-stay/

-An infographic on the incarceration of women and domestic abuse (I highly  recommend clicking and reading the linked stories)

-Another infographic about gun violence against women in america (did I ever mention that I’m an anarchist? fuck borders, also, the threat of gun violence against women is very real in Canada. Very very real.)

-Hey! A video! About the “friend zone” because it fits in the vein of this post
“Thinking you are owed something for not being an ass hole, makes you an ass hole”

And a comic about being ableist!

woah…somehow I ended up on some fake feminist pro-life page…

I’m tired. Maybe I’ll add more later.

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