Captain NoFun from Quits Everything Town



Half Hearted Give Up, 2016. // Quitting smoking 2.0 // Try Or Die.

Everyone loves a quitter. // Captain NoFun from Quits Everything town.


My body gets so tired and sore so easily lately. I don’t drink anymore, I quit coffee, smoking is for jerks.

I didn’t get out of bed until noon today (I stayed up way too late talking on the phone). The first thing I did when I woke up was re-book my doctor intake appointment so it’s sooner (I did something/one thing productive today).

That’s a lie. The first thing I did was wake up thinking about my weekend in Vancouver and feelings and thoughts around it. Desire and longing to be near friends, life-crushing (like, having a crush on my own life), how to be super emo…(because I’m really good at overwhelming feelings)

I’ve felt so distracted thinking about it all.

And now, I haven’t smoked all day and i’m getting damn cynical  and I might die this time, so let this be my final will and testament:

-To my brother Alasdair, I leave my stuffed toy cat. The one he always tried to steal from me as a kid.

-Divide the rest of my crap how you want.

-Don’t be embarrassed if you find sex toys.

-Burn my body.

-Play the X Files theme song at my funeral (<3 U Chris Carter!!1! LOLOMFG)


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