I tread lightly on these forest grounds.
Soft as a secret so the soil below doesn’t hear my sound.
In the city, I am masked by large steel beasts and flocks of lemming-erradic, neurotic, over caffeinated, lifeless consumer hosts on their way to the office, work, the mall, the beach.

I walk quietly out of guilt. Out of fear.
These places are unreal, surreal, so real to me.

The fallow fields, raped to sew and harvest to feed the mouths of un-living human animals. Ones who have been driven so far from where they come.
They neglect to remember what sustains them.
And the keepers give us all pills and gyms and taco bell so we keep silent and agree.
They draw lines in the sand and boxes around us that we choose not to breach.

But we are hunters.
A fight buried deep within each of us.
So deep.

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